It was ‘Unmai, Uzhaipu, Uyarvu’ for Rajinikanth. What would it be for Kamal Haasan?

Written by Ashameera Aiyappan
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Updated: February 21, 2018 1:51 pm

Kamal Haasan will launch his political party today.

Today is a big day for Kamal Haasan. The actor-politician is kicking off his statewide tour on Wednesday from his home district and is also all set to announce his modus operandi, his political ideology and of course, the title name of his political party and tagline. When Rajini announced his political plunge, the actor was quick enough to give a slogan that abstractly suggests his political motto. However, Kamal has taken his time to form a slogan that would later become the face of his campaign. Well, he doesn’t have to go very far for ideas. Here are five film titles of Kamal Haasan that could easily become his political refrain.

Unnal Mudiyum Thambi:

Unnal Mudiyum Thambi (You can do it brother) is a film that has Kamal taking up arms against casteism and bringing upon several social reforms, going against the wishes of a casteist father. The youth of the state have been a major sect that the actor wishes to cater to and not without reason. After all, his ‘Twitter politics’ and his movies have enamoured a large section of the youth. Interestingly in the film, Kamal also starts a reform organisation named ‘Amaithi Puratchi Iyakkam’ (Silent revolution society).

Thoongathey thambi thoongathey:

Another famous title from Kamal’s stable. Translating to ‘Don’t sleep brother’, the title is in line with Kamal’s political stance. The actor who has been critical of the existing parties and the political machinery has, at several moments, asked the people to be politically aware. Exhibit A would be this tweet, “காந்திக்குல்லா!காவிக்குல்லா!கஷ்மீர்குல்லா!! தற்போது கோமாளிக்குல்லா, தமிழன் தலையில் . போதுமா இன்னும் வேண்டுமா? தயவாய் வெகுள்வாய் தமிழா, (Gandhi’s cap, Saffron cap, Kashmiri hat and now the clown’s hat on the Tamilian’s head. Do we need more? React Tamizha, with dignity.)”

Kadamai Kanniyam Kattupadu:

Our fascination for triads never end. Rajini chose a triad ‘Unmai, Uzhaipu, Uyarvu’ that translates to ‘Truth, Work, Growth’. Kamal has a significant equivalent. ‘Kadamai, Kanniyam, Kattupadu’ is the title of a Sathyaraj film that Kamal Hassan produced. The phrase translates to ‘Duty, Integrity, Discipline’ – ideals that Kamal have been using as talking points on several issues.


This is a title that has already been put to effective use. Meaning ‘our man’, the title has been trending on Day 1 of Kamal’s tour. Several posters and promotional material term the actor-politician as ‘our man’. Probably an attempt to give Kamal, who has carved an image of an intellectual, elitist, an image makeover. From Aandavar to calling him Nammavar, it is a conscious change in the ideological placement of Kamal as a political individual.


Nayakan means the star. One of Kamal’s massive hits, it is not very hard to see the several permutations and combinations that can use the word to leverage his political identity. Vishwaroopam is another such film which again was an example of the public support that Kamal garnered. During the ban on the film in Tamil Nadu, scores of people travelled to nearest villages across the border to watch Vishwaroopam. A land that is infamous for posters and caption propaganda, it won’t be surprising if ‘Nayakan’ becomes ‘Vishwaroopa nayakan’.

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