Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2: Nithya And Thadi Balaji's Relationship Is Murkier Than You Think

The eagerly-awaited Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 kicked off on Sunday(June 17, 2018) much to the delight of countless young fans. During the opening episode, host/veteran actor Kamal Haasan introduced the viewers to the contestants. Needless to say, the two people who managed to become the talk of the town within seconds of being introduced were Thadi Balaji and his estranged wife Nithya. A large chunk of the audience expected them to confront each other from the word go and take the show by storm. However, such a thing has not happened yet.

Their might be some tension between them but things are still under control. In fact, recently, the two even told the other contestants about their personal lives. While Thadi Balaji spoke about his late father, Nithya shed light on the challenges associated with being a single mother. Regardless of what the future holds, this is not a comfortable situation for them. With Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 picking up steam, here is a look at Thadi Balaji and Nithya’s troubled relationship.

Nithya’s Complaint

Thadi Balaji and Nithya got married nearly eight years ago and began a new chapter in life. They were soon blessed with a daughter and this added to their joy. The two did not face any issues initially. However, the relationship turned sour last year and Nithya filed a police complaint against her husband. In it, she claimed that he had insulted and beaten her. As expected, this had created a buzz in the industry.

Thadi Balaji's Counter

Thadi Balaji’s Counter

Reacting to the controversy, the popular comedian had accused Nithya of having an affair and claimed that a guy was threatening to release some ‘intimate photos’ of his wife. As expected, his allegations made the situation murkier.

Nithya Hits Back

Nithya Hits Back

Some time later, Nithya hit back and said that she did wanted a divorce as she could not afford to stay him any longer. She also said that Thadi Balaji wanted to separate her from their daughter.

Nithya's Shocking Claims

Nithya’s Shocking Claims

While speaking to Behindwoods, Nithya had claimed that she was not being able to get a divorce because of Thadi Balaji’s celebrity status and added that the RJ has numerous influential contacts.

All in all, Nithya and Thadi Balaji’s relationship is a lot murkier that most people would have imagined and it remains to be seen how things play out between them in the Bigg Boss House.