Post The Kaala Debacle, The Makers Of Rajinikanth's 2.0 Are In A Fix And Here Are The Details

Kaala’s Dismal BO Performance

Rajinikanth’s Kaala, which hit the screens on June 7, 2018, fared extremely poorly in the Hindi belt. Similarly, it could collect barely Rs 7 Crore in the Telugu-speaking states. Commenting on the Hindi-dubbed version’s performance, a distributor said that its collections are way below the mark.

“The dubbed Hindi versions of Rajinikanth’s films have never been big successes. Even Robot fared averagely at the box-office. However, Kaala didn’t even make those numbers,” the distributor added.

2.0 is a big film and it needs to do well in the Hindi-speaking states in order to become a success. As such, the Kaala debacle is giving the makers sleepless nights.

2.0 Has Overshot Its Budget

2.0 Has Overshot Its Budget

2.0 requires some extensive post-production work and it seems this is responsible for it overshooting the initial budget. Recently, it was rumoured that Rs 100 Crore might be added to the budget. This clearly indicates that the film could not be wrapped up in the allocated budget. The increased budget too, has sent many exhibitors/distributors into a state of panic.

The Akshay Kumar Factor Might Not Work

The Akshay Kumar Factor Might Not Work

Akshay Kumar’s presence was initially expected to help 2.0 fare well in the Hindi market. However, the makers fear that his ghoulish ‘crow’ avatar in the film might end up alienating his fans. And, this will go against the film.

“But he plays the antagonist with grotesque make-up. That’s not how his fans like to see Akshay! His fan base may be completely put off,” added a source.

To Conclude...

To Conclude…

Kaala was not a typical Rajini starrer and its performance should not be used as the yardstick for judging the Superstar’s bankability. 2.0 is a purely commercial affair and will see Rajini reprise the much-loved Chitti character from Enthiran. As such, things are not really as bad as they seem. That said and done, its huge budget does make it a risky venture.