2.0 Teaser Smashes Records All Over; The Audience Can't Wait For The Trailer & Movie Release

13th of September wasn’t just an occasion of Ganesha Chaturthi, which invoked a festive mood among the devotees, but it was also the day the teaser for the much-anticipated big-budget movie Robo 2.0 released. Helmed by Shankar, the movie stars Superstar Rajinikanth, Bollywood Khiladi Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson in the lead.

Social media was already abuzz from past one week when the makers had announced the date of the teaser release. In what could be branded as the mother of craze of fandom, fans of Thalaivar thronged to multiplexes all over to catch the glimpse of the minute-and-a-half’s teaser in the 3D format when Lyca productions had brought this facilitation.

The teaser was released at 9 AM in theatres and across all digital platforms. The scene in theatres was no less than a release of a big-ticket feature film, as common audience in general and Rajinikanth fans in particular swamped in hoards for the ultimate experience.

The 3D version of the teaser is indeed mind-boggling with rich visual effects and a fine-quality output without any granular rendition that is quite often seen in many 3D movies. Neutral audience and Superstar’s fans were caught ecstatic and flabbergasted at the same time. However, a section of the audience seemed to be disgruntled with Shankar’s job, post watching the teaser in the 2D version, as they felt it to be cheesy, which doesn’t quite justify the claim of “A $75 Million Project” made by the production house.

Despite having two sides of a coin, the teaser of 2.0 has set some staggering records, which more or less confirms the positive acceptance from a majority of the audience. Let’s bring you some of the statistical analysis of the visual extravaganza post 24 hours of its release.

YouTube Statistics:

Tamil Version: 9.4 Million Views with 418K Likes

Tamil Version: 5.1 Million Views with 222K Likes

Hindi Version: 10 Million Views with 407K Likes


Akshay Kumar’s Official Page: 3.6 Million Views with 84K Likes

Lyca Official Page (Tamil): 412K Views with 4.6K Views

Lyca Official Page (Hindi): 3.6 Million Views with 899 Likes

Lyca Official Page (Telugu): 38K Views with 1K Likes

PVR Official Page (Hindi): 3.7 Million Views with 3.2K Likes


Akshay Kumar: 3.5 Million Views

Total View Count: 40 Million Views

Total Likes Count: 1.1+ Million Likes

These stats are phenomenal by any yardstick despite the fact that a colossal number of audience had watched the teaser in the theatres for over a couple of times.

The teaser conveys the fact that Shankar has not just infused his passion towards technology in 2.0 but also has laced an imperative social message which is his strong forte. The movie could speak about the ill-effects of RFID radiation on non-human beings which will be tackled by Akshay Kumar in the interest of all living species, causing serious concerns to the government. It is then when Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) gets into the action with India’s superhero, Chitti.

Akki looks menacing, while Chitti swoons the audience with his undying charm and appeal. The climax part of the teaser where Chitti chuckles a “Cuckoo” and wraps the show up with his trademark laughter would undoubtedly beseech thunderous applause in the theatres post the movie’s release.

All said and done, the teaser of 2.0 has announced the arrival of all masters of the game in style, raising the bar of expectations on the movie which is slated for a November release.