Bigil Vs Kaithi: Release Dates Of The Movies Have Been Finalised?





Come this Deepavali season, the Tamil Nadu box office would witness a clash between Vijay’s Bigil and Karthi’s Kaithi. Bigil is easily the bigger one among the two and has managed to garner a huge pre-release hype. Kaithi is not far behind and the recently-released trailer has increased the expectations. Now, one of the reports claims that the makers of these films have decided on the release dates. Reportedly, Bigil will be the first movie to take over the screens. Read to know more details regarding this.

Bigil's Release Date

Bigil’s Release Date

Rumours were rife that Bigil might be out on Deepavali day (October 27, 2019). According to reports, team Bigil is now planning to release the film on October 25, 2019. It means that the Vijay starrer might get a Friday release and would have the advantage of a long opening weekend.

Kaithi's Release Date

Kaithi’s Release Date

The new report that has come up says that the makers of Kaithi are planning to release the movie on Deepavali day. It means that Kaithi might be hitting theatres on October 27, 2019, two days after Bigil’s release.

Kaithi In Telugu As Well

Kaithi In Telugu As Well

As everyone knows, Karthi enjoys a pretty good market in Telugu speaking regions too. Hence, Kaithi’s makers are planning to release the Telugu version also on the same date. The trailer of the Telugu version has garnered good response.

Kaithi Team Was Initially Skeptical?

Kaithi Team Was Initially Skeptical?

It is being said that Kaithi’s makers were initially skeptical about releasing the film during the Deepavali season. However, there came an announcement that Vijay Sethupathi’s Sangathamizhan has backed out of the Deepavali race. At the same time, a Telugu movie, which was also supposed to hit theatres as a Deepavali release, faced postponement, which left the market wide open for Kaithi. Hence, the makers have decided to release the film on October 27, 2019.

Nevertheless, an exciting clash is on the cards at the box office. Two movies belonging to two different genres are sure to bolster the prospects of the Kollywood box office during the upcoming festival season. Let us wait and see to know more.